The company, Rafael Feed Ltd. is a privately owned by Ilan Rafael and specializing in feed production for almost all Livestock.

The company began more than 26 years ago to produce Broiler & Layer feed in Moshav Bney Zion for the internal use of Ilan Rafael poultry farms.

In the course of time, we started to market also to external customers and we expand the range of feed formulation to variety of livestock.

Rafael Feed was first to develop in Israel unique feed formulation for sheep that is based on whole grains mixed with granulated concentrate. This product showed excellent performance in the field and today many other feed mills are trying to imitate our product.

In the year 2014 we moved to our new feed mill in the industrial park of Emek Hefer in Israel. The new feed mill was designed according to the most innovative technology and meet the latest and strictest standards.  

Today we produce several thousand tons of animal feed for Broilers, Turkeys, Breeders, Layers, Dairy herds, Calves, Sheep, Fish and Pet food.

Our production line, is capable of complying with specific demands from our customers and we are able to produce high quality of mesh feed, pelleted feed and extruded feed.

We strictly control the raw material and qualities we purchase in order to assure high professional results and performance of our feed.

We are certified by ISO-9001 and H.A.C.C.P and we meet all the restrictive norm.

One of our unique expertise is in production of fish feed and we are the second largest producers in Israel. Among our customers are large fish growers, (Kibbutzim) in bet Shaan valley region and we are also exporting fish, dairy, calves, broilers, sheep feed to several countries .

We have the ability to send feed to any point in the world.

Our nutritionists for the different livestock sectors are recognized as leading in their field.

Our vision is based on supplying high quality feed, innovative solutions, and maintaining long-term relations with our customer by improving their professional success.

Our commitment to our customers is: Reliability, Professionalism and good Service.